Micro Bar Screen

Municipal Applications

The world's only super fine mechanical bar screen with openings down to 1mm

The Or-Tec Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen is a superfine mechanical bar screen with openings as small as 1mm (0.03"). The Micro Bar Screen removes the vast majority of hairs, rags and stringy material which pass through screens with larger openings. These smaller openings help to prevent matting or ragging forming on items such as pumps, mechanical seals, diffusers and rotating equipment. Maintenance on these items is reduced to practically zero as ragging and matting no longer builds up. Read more

First, we have the water savings, then the reduced maintenance. I just feel that it is a very good piece of equipment and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Rich, Chief Operator, Louisville, Ohio

Food and Industrial Applications

Save time, money and water with a reliable, affordable fine screen that works. No Wash Water, No Brushes, No Blinding.

If you are screening waste with Fat, Oil, Grease, Plastics, Rags and are having issues with the screen blinding or excessive washwater usage, read more. The Or-Tec Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen will screen these wastes WITHOUT BLINDING and with ZERO WASHWATER. In addition the unit can screen using openings from 1mm to 1" to suit your application needs. Read more

I have to say, the Or-Tec Micro Bar Screen has been working fantastically It's low maintenance and the way that the rake design is it positively engages the bars, so it does completely clean the screen with each cycle. We don't see issues with fats blinding this screen.

- Eric Fessler,