Sludge Dewatering

OR-TEC Belt Press, Belt Thickener and Rocker Screw press. Affordable, all stainless steel. Made in USA

Micro Bar Screen

OR-TEC Micro Bar Screens: The world's only superfine mechanical bar screen with openings down to 1mm. No washwater, No brushes.

Reverse Current Screen & Grit

OR-TEC grit removal system which automatically adjusts based on flow.

Septage Receiver

OR-TEC Septage Receiver: Quick disconnect hook up, multiple washdown points, blockage free operation

Screens & Grit

OR-TEC Rotary Brush Screen, Screw Screens, Tank Screens, Vertical Screens, Septage Receivers and Grit Systems.

Conveying + Compacting

OR-TEC Screw Augers: Used to transport sludge, screenings or other difficult to convey products.

Polymer Dosing

OR-TEC Blend Polymer Dosing System: Efficient, affordable and dependable.

Flotation Systems

OR-TEC DAF Flotation System: Used by industrial manufacturers, food processors, for oil and grease removal and for COD/BOD and TSS reduction.

Refurbished Equipment

OR-TEC equipment, factory reconditioned, tested and warrantied.