Made in USA

Compactor Washer

Or-Tec Compactor Washer:
Washes, Compacts and Elevates Screenings

The Or-Tec Compactor Washer is ideal for the compaction and washing of many types of materials including municipal and industrial screenings. The unit is designed to wash, compact and elevate the screened material for ease of disposal. This process increases the dryness of the screened material and reduces the volume of waste for disposal. The reduction in volume also reduces hauling and landfill costs. The washing of the screenings in the Compactor Washer also reduces the potential for odors.

The Compactor Washer body is constructed of stainless steel. The reinforced screw can be constructed of stainless steel or epoxy coated hardened carbon steel.

The Or-Tec Compactor Washer features include:

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Re-enforced screw
  • Inlet perforated section allows free water to escape
  • Swan neck open discharge, prevents blockage in discharge zone
  • Dewatering, Compaction and Conveying in one system
  • Reduction in volume, BOD and organics


  • Screenings
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Paper Mills
  • Industrial Materials