True Grit Systems

Or-Tec True Grit:
Remove, consolidate and wash grit

Or-Tec True Grit Systems are used in the separation and removal of sand and grit from the influent of wastewater treatment plants. The system features an in-ground concrete tank with mechanical mixers and paddles manufactured from stainless steel. These mixers and paddles create a vortex which settles the grit/sand. An air pump removes the settled concentrated grit to a grit classifier system where further settling and consolidation of the grit occurs. The classifier then elevates and washes the grit prior to disposal.

The Or-Tec Grit and Sand Separator features include:

  • Removes sand grit particles greater than 200 microns (.007")
  • Cost effective grit/sand separation
  • Optional washing of the grit/sand in the classifier
  • Classifier available as standalone unit


  • WWTP Headworks
  • Sand Separation
  • Industrial Materials