Micro Bar Screen

Municipal Applications:
The world's only super fine mechanical bar screen with openings down to 1mm

First, we have the water savings, then the reduced maintenance. I just feel that it is a very good piece of equipment and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Rich, Chief Operator, Louisville, Ohio

The Or-Tec Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen is a superfine mechanical bar screen with openings as small as 1mm (0.03"). The Micro Bar Screen removes the vast majority of hairs, rags and stringy material which pass through screens with larger openings. These smaller openings help to prevent matting or ragging forming on items such as pumps, mechanical seals, diffusers and rotating equipment. Maintenance on these items is reduced to practically zero as ragging and matting no longer builds up.

The Micro Bar Screen is designed for use in municipal and industrial applications. Due to its unique design the unit is excellent for screening waste water with high fats, oils and grease levels (FOG). Click to read more about how it applies to food and industrial uses.

Unlike normal bar screens which use flat bar making the openings between the bars prone to clogging the Micro Bar Screen uses a parallel array of tapered sectioned bars (not tapered wire) to form the screen face. Tapered sectioned screen bars have only 2 contact points on which material can block, as the path from the screen face to the back of the screen is gradually enlarged. Solids which passed through the two contact points cannot become clogged between the tapered shaped bars. The cleaning rake with slotted teeth penetrates well past the opening on the tapered bars cleaning the screen array and thereby completely preventing clogging or blinding of the screen.

With 1 US and 6 worldwide patents, 1000 installed screens and no maintenance for 10 years the unique, non-clogging Micro Bar Screen is something you should consider for your plant.

The Or-Tec Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen features include:

  • Down to 1mm screening
  • Self-aligning and self-tensioning cleaning rake
  • Non-Clog performance
  • 10 years maintenance free
  • Up to 56 mgd flow rates per screen
  • No wash water requirement
  • No rotating brush for cleaning
  • Available with Compactor Washer
  • Stainless Steel Construction


  • WWTP Headworks
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Paper Mills
  • Industrial Materials