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Polymer Dosing

Or-Tec Blend Polymer Dosing System:
Efficient, affordable and dependable

By their very nature, emulsion polymers are difficult to handle. Since sludges have unique and diverse characteristics, it is essential to correctly regulate polymer dosing within the dewatering process.

Or-Tec's patented system utilizes hydraulic energy (high water velocity) to mix the polymer solution, eliminating any harmful damage to the polymer itself. There is no mechanical mixing involved.

How it works

Incoming dilution water is regulated through a flow control meter, then passed through an eductor. Polymer is drawn from its container and injected into the eductor by a metering pump. High water velocity through the eductor instantly activates the polymer. The solution then flows to a retention vessel for further mixing and activation. The retention vessel has a unique vortex system at its inlet. This vortex system uses the hydraulic energy of the polymer/water solution to actively mix and further activate the solution. The retention vessel also allows the polymer solution to age. The fully activated and made-down polymer leaves from the top of the mixing vessel ready to be injected into the wastestream.

Easy installation & Maintenance

Simply regulate the polymer feed pump to the on-site requirement. The unit is designed to deliver a precise rate of polymer to the activation zone. There are no moving parts, motors or mechanical mixers in the wet phase, eliminating troublesome maintenance and costly downtime.

Premium system, affordable cost

The Or-Tec BLEND Polymer Dosing System is used extensively in the water and wastewater treatment industry for the activation, blending and dosing of polymer as a solution. Its exceptional quality and surprisingly low price make it a very attractive and affordable system.