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Gemini Full Sized Belt Press

OR-TEC Gemini Belt Press:
A full sized double belt system ideal for the medium to large size WWTP

We are very satisfied with its performance and low maintenance. It has been a pleasure to work with the OR-TEC team. Their service and knowledge of equipment has been far beyond industry norms.

- Frank, Plant Supervisor, Tappahannock, VA

The OR-TEC Gemini Belt Press is a double belt system ideal for the medium to large size WWTP. The unit has a large flocculation tank with a variable speed mixer which allows the sludge and polymer solution to be thoroughly mixed. The variable speed mixer allows operators to easily change the mixing energy which helps ensure the best possible flocculation.

Following the flocculation tank the sludge enters a large gravity zone where plows and dewatering rollers begins the process of thickening the sludge. From here the thickened sludge enters a low pressure zone which features a large perforated stainless steel roller followed by an increasing pressure wedge zone. The final dewatering zone is a high pressure area where multiple rollers of decreasing diameter continue to squeeze and dewater the sludge.

The OR-TEC Gemini Belt Press provides a large dry solids throughput combined with an excellent final cake, low polymer usage and a high solids capture rate.

The OR-TEC Gemini features include:

  • Large gravity zone with plows and dewatering rollers
  • Perforated roller and wedge low pressure zone
  • High Pressure 8 or more roller squeezing zone
  • Auto start-up, run and shutdown
  • Automatic Belt Tracking
  • Sludge Cake Monitoring System
  • Electric actuation (no hydraulics or pneumatics needed)

Additional Features:

  • Fully automated easy to use Touchscreen Controls
  • Skid mounted, turnkey, factory tested complete system
  • Stainless steel frame, flocculation tank, mixers, rollers, pans, trays and fasteners
  • Highest quality pumps, motors and geardrives
  • OR-TEC designed and manufactured Polymer Dosing System and Screw Auger ensures 100% equipment compatibility
  • Onboard flow meters
  • Available with SCADA ready controls
  • Many other features and configurations available

All OR-TEC Belt Press Systems are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA

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