Or-Tec Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen

The world's only super fine mechanical bar screen with openings down to 1mm

The Or-Tec Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen is a superfine mechanical bar screen with openings as small as 1mm (0.03"). The Micro Bar Screen removes the vast majority of hairs, rags and stringy material which pass through screens with larger openings. These smaller openings help to prevent matting or ragging forming on items such as pumps, mechanical seals, diffusers and rotating equipment. Maintenance on these items is reduced to practically zero as matting and ragging no longer builds up. Read more


The Or-Tec Blue Whale Reverse Current Grit System

A grit removal system which automatically adjusts based on flow

The Or-Tec Blue Whale Reverse Current Screen & Grit System completely replaces a traditional headworks of a wastewater treatment plant and provides an easy to install, flange in/flange screening and grit system. Gone is the need for concrete channels for screens, concrete settling or vortex grit chambers. All that is needed to install the OR-TEC System is a level concrete pad and access to power and washwater. The Or-Tec Blue Whale unit is manufactured from stainless and has two distinct sections. Read more





Or-Tec Blend Polymer Dosing System

Efficient, affordable and dependable

By their very nature, emulsion polymers are difficult to handle. Since sludges have unique and diverse characteristics, it is essential to correctly regulate polymer dosing within the dewatering process. Read more


Flotation Systems

Used by industrial manufacturers, food processors, for oil and grease removal and for COD/BOD and TSS reduction

The Or-Tec DAF is available in stainless steel, epoxy coated or plastic tanks. Read more




Micro Bar Screens

OR-TEC Micro Bar Screens: The world's only superfine mechanical bar screen with openings down to 1mm. No washwater, No brushes.

Sludge Dewatering

OR-TEC Belt Press, Belt Thickener and Rocker Screw press. Affordable, all stainless steel. Made in USA



“The OR-TEC Blend is used to inject polymer into the sludge before it is poured onto the drying beds.We have cut out polymer use at least in half since we switched to the OR-TEC unit. It is working great.”
— Dalton WWTP, Dalton, Ohio


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