What our Customers are saying about our products and solutions.

  • FB Water Treatment
    “I have to say, the OR-TEC Micro Bar Screen has been working fantastically It's low maintenance and the way that the rake design is it positively engages the bars, so it does completely clean the screen with each cycle. We don't see issues with fats blinding this screen.”
    —Eric Fessler

  • Pet Food Processing Plant - Arizona
    “We don't see issues with fats blinding the screen - after several years of operation, we haven't touched it (to clean the screen)"”
    —Andrew, Environmental Coordinator

  • Louisville Wastewater Treatment Plant - Louisville, Ohio
    “First, we have the water savings, then the reduced maintenance. I just feel that it is a very good piece of equipment and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
    —Rich, Chief Operator

  • Waycross Wastewater Treatment Plant - Waycross, Georgia
    “The Or-Tec Blue Whale Screen has made a profound difference to our plant... Best thing to happen to the plant in years.”
    —Scott, Operations Manager

  • Tappahannock WWTP - Tappahannock, VA
    “We are very satisfied with its performance and low maintenance. It has been a pleasure to work with the OR-TEC team. Their service and knowledge of equipment has been far beyond industry norms.”
    —Frank, Plant Supervisor, Tappahannock, VA

  • City of Bowie Waste Water Treatment Plant - Bowie, Texas
    “We have had such success with the Mark II Belt press for many years and are very excited to be upgrading to the xpress. It is not hard to stay with OR-TEC when they have such great products and people to work with.”
    —Jerry, Chief Plant Operator Bowie, TX

  • Lee County Public Service - Hickory Flats, Ohio
    “We have had excellent service for 15 years. It has been a pleasure to do business with OR-TEC.”
    —Alvin, Plant Manager Lee Co., VA

  • Green Valley Packing - Claysville, PA
    “It is a good piece of equipment, works well and is low maintenance.”
    —George, Green Valley Packing

  • Tornado Waste Water - Alamogordo, NM
    “I am pleased with the LO-FLO because it does a great job of removing trash and inerts over 5 mm that cause nothing but problems with pumps and piping... and... it is very low maintenance.”
    —Tony, Tornado Waste Water

  • Minerva WWTP - Minerva, Ohio
    “We have had an OR-TEC Screw Auger for 20 years and it has worked great for us.”
    —Don, Village of Minerva, OH

  • Dalton WWTP - Dalton, Ohio
    “The OR-TEC Blend is used to inject polymer into the sludge before it is poured onto the drying beds.We have cut out polymer use at least in half since we switched to the OR-TEC unit. It is working great.”
    —Superintendent, Dalton WWTP

  • Oak Harbor WWTP - Oak Harbor, Ohio
    “While this unit is a new installation with minimal use, the operators have rapidly become proficient in the use of the press. We are impressed with its quality, ease of operation and clean up. Based on these factors and our inquiries to others who have OR-TEC units, we feel the Village made the right choice in obtaining an OR-TEC belt press for its sludge handling needs. We expect the unit to give us numerous years of satisfactory service. Please feel free to visit the Oak Harbor Waste Water Treatment Plant to inspect the unit, or to call us with questions. ”
    —Superintendent, Oak Harbor WWTP

  • Southern Belle Dairy WWTP - Southern Belle Dairy, Kentucky
    “The OR-TEC follow up and service make it a stand out company. We are very pleased with their belt press. ”
    —Plant Superintendent, Southern Belle Dairy WWTP

  • Brewster Dairy WWTP - Brewster Cheese, Ohio
    “We have put 9,360 hours on the press in a little over two years and it has been great... the OR-TEC unit gave us control over our sludge handling. We are very happy with OR-TEC!”
    —Head of Purchasing, Brewster Cheese

  • Armour Swift Ekrich Pre-Treatment Plant - Armour Swift Ekrich, Minnesota
    “We are very pleased with the OR-TEC Belt Press and its operation.”
    —Superintendent, Swift Ekrich WWTP

  • Newton Falls WWTP - Newton Falls, Ohio
    “We solved our sludge disposal problem with the OR-TEC Press at a price no other belt press manufacturer could compete with. We are very happy with after sales service in terms of response and service given. ”
    —Operator, Newton Falls WWTP

  • Minerva WWTP - Minerva, Ohio
    “We have put 3.5 million gallons through the press since start up and we are very happy with the press. If we were to go through the process again, we would do exactly what we did the first time - buy an OR-TEC Belt Press! ”
    —Superintendent, Minerva WWTP