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Screens & Grit

The Or-Tec ScrewScreen Compactor

An efficient and affordable wastewater screen

The Or-Tec Screw Screen Compactor screens, compacts, washes and lifts screenings to a convenient height for ease of disposal. The unit is provided with perforation sizes ranging from 2mm to 6 mm for municipal wastewater and 0.25mm to 2mm wedgewire for industrial applications. The unit can be mounted at an angle in a channel, in a tank or supplied for vertical installation. The shaftless design of the screw auger prevents rags or stringy material from becoming wrapped around the screw. Units are available without compactor where screening only is required. Read more


OR-TEC Rotary Brush Screens

Perfect for Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) and the headworks of WWTP

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It is a good piece of equipment, works well and is low maintenance.

- George, Green Valley Packing, Claysville, PA

Or-Tec Rotary Rake Screen

Semi cylindrical bar screen perfect for the headworks of wastewater treatment plants

The Or-Tec Rotary Rake Screen is manufactured from stainless steel and is designed to remove fibers, hair and other foreign objects from a waste stream. It uses a static stainless steel semi cylindrical bar screen bed for this purpose. This bed is continually cleaned by a stainless steel armature with rake teeth which fully penetrate the screen bed openings. The openings in the screen are selected based on the particular waste. There is no contact between the rakes and face of the bar screen or any part of the of the screen bed. The rakes are cleaned by a stainless steel scraper blade and the screenings are discharged outside of the machine. No wash water is required in standard applications. Read more


Or-Tec LO-FLO Screen

A compact screen ideal where low flow, low cost screening is required

The Or-Tec LO-FLO SCREEN offers the advantage of high quality small orifice screening and compaction with the lowest capital cost on the market today. The LO-FLO is easy to install, operate and maintain. The unit comes in three sizes and can be used in applications requiring screening as small as 2mm. Read more

I am pleased with the LO-FLO because it does a great job of removing trash and inerts over 5 mm that cause nothing but problems with pumps and piping... and... it is very low maintenance.

- Tony, Tornado Waste Water, Alamogordo, NM

Or-Tec Headworks

Replaces the entire headworks of the WWTP with screening, grit/sand and FOG removal

The Or-Tec Headworks combines two (or three machines) in one. Fitted directly at the inlet of the WWTP this unit completely pre-treats the plant influent. The unit first screens, washes and compacts the influent wastestream. It can be provided with 2mm - 6mm perforations (or 0.25 - 2mm wedgewire for industrial wastes). The screened wastestream is then treated for removal of grit & sand down to 200 microns (.007"). The grit is elevated and can be washed prior to disposal.  The unit can also be provided with an optional oil and grease (FOG) removal system which uses compressed air to aid with flotation and skimmers to remove the oil and grease for collection and disposal. Read more


Or-Tec True Grit

Remove, consolidate and wash grit

Or-Tec True Grit Systems are used in the separation and removal of sand and grit from the influent of wastewater treatment plants. The system features an in-ground concrete tank with mechanical mixers and paddles manufactured from stainless steel. These mixers and paddles create a vortex which settles the grit/sand. An air pump removes the settled concentrated grit to a grit classifier system where further settling and consolidation of the grit occurs. The classifier then elevates and washes the grit prior to disposal. Read more


Or-Tec Manual Bar Screen

An inexpensive, extremely durable manual bar screen

The Or-Tec Manual Bar Screen can be provided with screen bar openings as required. Screenings are removed from the waste stream, elevated to a perforated drying deck with a manual bar screen rake specifically designed to penetrate and clean bar screen openings. The screen tank, bar rack and flanges are stainless steel. Installation is simple with flange connections provided for the influent and discharge. Read more