Made in USA

Conveying + Compacting

Or-Tec Screw Augers

Used to transport sludge, screenings or other difficult to convey products

The Or-Tec Shaftless Screw Auger is ideal for transporting dewatered sludge, screenings, solid waste and other difficult to convey materials. It is suitable for Inclined, Vertical or Horizontal installation. The units are available with reversing screws and knife-gate valves to allow for multiple discharge points. This helps ensure even and safe loading of disposal containers or vehicles. Read more

We have had an OR-TEC Screw Auger for 20 years and it has worked great for us.

- Don, Village of Minerva, OH, Minerva, Ohio

Or-Tec Compactor Washer

Washes, Compacts and Elevates Screenings

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