COVID19 Surge of Wipes at WWTP's - Or-Tec has the Solution

Wastewater Treatment Plants have been struggling with wipes for a few years now but, facilities are seeing an increased number of disinfectant wipes, latex gloves and face masks being flushed down toilets, creating clogs, blockages, and other damage to critical infrastructure. These wipes do not disintegrate. De-ragging pumps, aerators, aeration basins and unclogging pipes is labor intensive and increases the cost of maintaining your wastewater treatment plant. Call Or-Tec at 216-475-5225 to learn how the Micro Bar Screen will resolve these ragging issues.

Or-Tec'S patented 2mm (0.07') fine screen is a huge advantage for
WWTP'S that struggle with wipes, rags and other stringy material.
The Or-Tec Micro Bar Screen is a unique 2.0mm or larger
multi-rake screen that is self-cleaning, requires zero
washwater or brushes and will not to blind.
How does your new customer install and run their new screen without prior training? How do you train new operators without us onsite to teach them? Continue to read this news article to find out...

"The Micro Bar Screen has been a life saver to the Good Health of our Sewer Treatment Plant."
Mayor Bayne Stone
Hazlehurst WWTP (Hazlehurst, GA)