OR-TEC Rocker Press installed in The Village of Wainwright, Alaska

The North Slope Borough is the most northerly municipal authority in the USA.
The borough encompasses an area of nearly 95,000 square miles across
northern Alaska and includes some of the most spectacular landscapes found
in North America.

The North Slope Borough Water and Sewer Department had used a bagging
system for their sludge dewatering for many years and recently upgraded to
the OR-TEC Rocker Presses.

The Rocker is installed in the Village of Wainwright which is located along
a wave-eroded coastal bluff on the west side of a narrow peninsula which
separates Wainwright Inlet from the Chukchi Sea. Wainwright is 72 air miles
southwest of Barrow. The inlet was named in 1826 by Captain F.W. Beechey
for his officer, Lt. John Wainwright. The present village was established in
1904 when the Alaska Native Service built a school there.

Don Barnard, OR-TEC Service Manager was tasked with starting up the
Village of Wainwright Rocker Press in Alaska. Flying from Cleveland,
through Chicago, Deadhorse, AK, Barrow, AK and on to Wainwright took
over 12 hours. Once landing in Wainwright, Don was met by Mike the
plant operator. The Rocker Press had already been in operation for a full
week producing a very dry cake indicating how easy the Rocker Press
is to operate. Don spent several days on site optimizing operations and
training plant personnel to ensure they were getting the peak performance
from the equipment.

The Rocker Screw Press has saved the plant operator's a lot of time and
effort when it comes to handling plant solids. Ease of operation, maintenance
and production of dry cake are very important. Performing these functions in a
simple, efficient and reliable manner is critical in remote locations. And
The Rocker Press in Wainright is doing just that.