OR-TEC Goes West!!

Like so many before them OR-TEC is pushing west is search of new opportunity. The destination for OR-TEC on this trip is Oregon and Washington states.

With a hectic schedule of demonstrations set up for a week in the northwest OR-TEC rolled out of Ohio with a trailer mounted belt press system in mid-September.

The belt press being used for the demonstrations is an OR-TEC 1.0 meter stainless steel system. The press is piped and wired and fully ready for operation when it arrives at the demonstration site. Once the water and power are hooked-up it is simply a matter of connecting the kamlocked sludge hose line and filtrate drain line and the press is ready to begin dewatering.

The OR-TEC Blend emulsion polymer dosing system fitted in the trailer automatically feeds and injects the made-down polymer at the required rate and the sludge is ready to be dewatered.

On demonstrations such as these OR-TEC gets to a particular site in the morning and is pressing sludge within an hour or two. This quick set-up and ease of operation is possible due to the simple design of the equipment. It also allows operators, town officials, engineers and other interested parties to see the belt press in action without delay.

By early afternoon the belt press is usually being shutdown. Hoses are put back in the trailer, connections disconnected and it's off to the next site to be ready for the next morning's demonstration.

Following the demonstrations in a variety of municipal and industrial applications in Oregon and Washington OR-TEC will then be faced with the long road home to Ohio. Hopefully we'll make it before the snow!