OR-TEC supports fundraiser for Hiram Farm

OR-TEC recently supported a fundraiser for Hiram Farm, a working organic farm in Hiram, Ohio that provides meaningful work for adults with autism and other significant developmental disabilities.

"A Night at Hiram Farm" brought some 200 guests together to enjoy a farm-to-table organic meal, pig roast, live music, basket raffle and crafts. Proceeds will help this nonprofit organization build a new pole barn so that it can increase the number of individuals that it serves from 27 to 50.

Adult Farmers at Hiram Farm help pasture raise chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep and cattle; produce and sell organic vegetables, hydroponic lettuce, herbs and brown eggs; and create woodworking and crafts projects. Through this work, Farmers improve their social skills and are able to see, feel and taste the fruits of their labor. The animals, crops and craft works that the Farmers produce provide a source of income and the resulting sense of ownership, accomplishment and self-worth that go far beyond a paycheck.

As the only organization in Northeast Ohio that provides work on an agricultural farm, Hiram Farm provides exceptional opportunities for those adults with significant developmental disabilities who find the natural setting, physical labor and interaction with animals rewarding and soothing. For those who have struggled in other more urban, hectic or high stimulus work or day program environments, Hiram Farm is the start of a new life. To learn more, visit http://www.hiramfarm.org/about/