Automatic Dewatering Belt Tracking Systems

The OR-TEC ATS (Automated Tracking System) constantly monitors and automatically corrects the dewatering belt position.

The ATS eliminates the need for manual belt tracking. Forget about monitoring the machine for belt alignment problems. The ATS automatically keeps the belt in the center of the belt press utilizing a small alignment sensor, an electromechanical actuator and a remote central processor.

The OR-TEC ATS can easily be fitted on all existing OR-TEC belt press systems by plant personnel or by an OR-TEC field service technician. Please call 440-232-4224 for further information.

OR-TEC HF Flotation System

An OR-TEC Mk II Belt Press System fitted with the OR-TEC ATS.

How it Works

Two small sensors ride against the edge of the belt at all times. One sensor detects right belt travel while the other detects left. An OR-TEC control unit that powers an electromechanical actuator, connected to the tracking roller, processes these signals. The actuator positions the tracking roller for optimized belt alignment.


  • Extremely Compact
  • Easy Installation
  • Very Affordable
  • Fits any HP or MII Machine
  • Electromechanical

The automatic tracking sensor and actuator housing.

OR-TEC MkII 1000 Belt Press System

OR-TEC MkII 1000 Belt Press System

The ATS actuator

The OR-TEC ATS control unit.