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"The Chesapeake"
2000-04-01 Rodney Banks, a Maryland Rural Water Association Wastewater Technician, had this to say about an OR-TEC Belt Press in the MRWA publication "The Chesapeake"....
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Seafood Process Application
2000-03-01 Flotation and Belt Press applications in the seafood and fisheries industry are successfully tackled by OR-TEC INC.
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Sludge Handling Problems and Solutions For The Village Of Oak Harbor
2000-02-01 How Oak Harbor WWTP in Ohio went from sludge drying beds to mechanical dewatering using an OR-TEC Belt Filter Press.
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OR-TEC Goes West!!
2000-01-01 Like so many before them OR-TEC is pushing west is search of new opportunity. The destination for OR-TEC on this trip is Oregon and Washington states.
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Mobile Unit Cuts Sludge Dewatering Costs for Rural Water Authority
1997-12-31 Louisa County, VA, saved money and got their sludge under control with a mobile OR-TEC Belt Press.
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